Authentic Custom Videos to Stand Out & Book More Business!

Create a distinction message in your market by showcasing the best authentic and ReAL stories of YOU!

Generating Business Can Be A Constant Struggle Unless...You Take Action

Jump on the opportunity to stand out & influence with video!

Not getting your message across social media with videos is no longer an option. 80% of all Internet traffic will be video by 2021! 3 out of 4 consumers say, the videos they see influence their attitudes and purchasing decisions. 

Real Estate is a crowded place and standing out as a market leader is of the utmost importance to generate and attract more quality business…so that you never have to worry and stress about supporting your life biggest dreams!

I get it. I'm an entrepreneur like you who facing the same problems

I know what it's like to generate business and the challenge to stand out vs the competition.
I always knew one thing: Video is BIG and I MUST be on social media to engage & influence consumers when I speak. That's why I invested heavily into mastering communication and elevating my influence. 

There is a good news for you!

You don't need to invest as much as I did to master the art of speaking to stand out and book more business! My passion is to serve and see your business grow. That’s why I created a simple process that will help you speak with way more confidence so that you can stand out vs your competition.

Influence & Stand Out!

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Century 21 In Town Realty


Stand Out & Reach Your Audience!

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Living Brand Result


Stand Out & Reach Your Audience!

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Stand Out & Reach Your Audience!

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Let's Be ReAL! 

Brand yourself as an influencer for more impact, income and freedom. 80% of sales are made through video. You can't deny it. You must showcase the best you've got! Embrace your brilliance and unleash your power within. Deliver your message with gusto to your ideal clients. Elevate your influence, attract and generate sales. Get YOUR message out to rise above the crowd. Let's be Real to ReACH your audience!

Want To Reach Your Audience and Increase Revenue?

Create distinction in your marketplace by showcasing the best authentic and ReAL stories of YOU!

We will pick the right message out of your stories to influence your potential clients with a powerful YES!

We look forward to helping you ReACTIVATE your passion to reach your audience and make an impact in your market!


"A big THANK YOU for you helping me build our company's value position on line. You really made it simple and the group your brought in where first class. I look forward to more sessions and would recommend you to anyone who is serious about building and improving their business!"

Michael La Prairie
President Century 21 In Town Realty

"To create distinction in the marketplace is always something that everyone struggles with. I am so glad that we partnered with Francis to help us position our new business Living Brand Result on through storytelling and social media. He “got us”! We feel that he was able to get the true essence of our message. We love his energy and his natural way to create a conversation, which put us at ease during the filming process. We are very happy to recommend Francis for whoever wants to create a real authentic and powerful version of their message through videos. "

Kalina Donald & Marlene Higgins
Founders Living Brand Result

ReALVIDEOx Personal Branding & Influence | Path To Prosperity


Understand what you stand for, your purpose and passionate beliefs, your values & strengths so that you create a value proposition that compels your perfect customers.


Understand your target market so that you know which clients you like to connect with. Know their character traits & qualifications for whom you most want to work with and least want to work with.


Understand at a deep level what your clients’ fears, aspirations and challenges are so that you can address them and attract them to work with you.


Understand your unique compelling stories that align with your strengths so that your value proposition is rock solid positioned to engage & convert your prospects at a deep emotional level.


Live delivery and interviewing. Digging the goal and selling YOU so that you don’t worry & stress out during the filming process. Showcase your best & deliver a powerful & authentic message!


Learn how to deliver ReAL videos for website and social media channels to your clients so that you can continue to boost your engagement, stand out and deliver value in the marketplace.


Learn how to automate your revenue generation so that you are saving your precious time to repeat your value proposition in a very compelling way with tools, technologies and market tactics.

Plus, choose the MOST POPULAR ReALVIDEOx Branding & Influence option, I’ve got a BONUS!

Easily Project More Confidence With This Colorful Secret From Michele!

You’ve heard that the colors you wear are essential. and you are absolutely right except, you don’t realize how deeply influence, the color you wear on your brand video can be for welcoming a new client or for turning a potential client away. Color is that powerful!

Michele Charles Gustafson, our Certified Image Consultant will revitalize your appearance into a profit-making strategy that builds your businesses!

What Would It Be Worth To YOU To Stand Out & Book More Business?

ReALVIDEOx Branding & Influence Options

Choose which package will best suit your goals to stand out, be remembered and book more business here!


Film Production (3-hr, B-Roll & Interview)

Testimonials From Past Clients

B-Roll Footage

60-Sec Promo Social Media

60-180-Sec Highlight Video

1 Set of Revisions


Branding & Influence 2-Hr Coaching

Film Production (5-hr, B-Roll & Interview)

Testimonials From Past Clients

B-Roll Footage

60-Sec Promo Social Media

60-180-Sec Highlight Video

Client Type A Promo Video

Client Type B Promo Video

Social Media / Business Automation / Master Presenter 2-Hr Coaching

2 Set of Revisions

***All Native Files



Basic Package

Most Popular Package Add-Ons

Drone Footage

1-Hour Extra Coaching On Social Media / Business Automation / Master Presenter

3 Sets of Revisions


Don't miss the BONUS ($2,500 Value) with the MOST POPULAR Branding & Influence option!

Maximize Your Impact!

On a video, your appearance is the anchoring attention getter for standing out. Learning and using hues as a superpower will help build instant rapport with your audience and can even influence them to take action in the right way.

99% of professionals, entrepreneurs and influencers wear impersonal, non-strategic color in their wardrobe. They fade away in the sea of their competition and unknowingly create a cookie-cutter brand image. 

If you are wearing black and white or black and grey more than once a week, you're missing a profitable opportunity to connect moe deeply with your audience!

Performance Guarantee

"If you engage with all coaching sessions and teachings (Branding & Influence, Social Media / Business Automation) and actively promote yourself on social media with videos and Ads, and you don’t notice an improvement in your business, I will give you a video production for FREE!"